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The Science Behind Atsko Fabric

If you're tired of coming home from work, pouring over your work gear bags for last minute change clothes, then Atsko has a solution for you. They have developed an eco-friendly detergent that is specially designed for sports and work wear. The eco-friendly sport wash product uses natural ingredients that won't harm the environment while it lifts stains and maintains the look of your gear. This not only makes your gear look better but also keeps it in great condition so you can play through more intense game days.

Keeping your sports gear, work clothes and more properly cleaned and well maintained are important in order to protect your investment and help your gear last longer. Atsko sport-wash detergent works with your cleaners to remove residue and excess dye to ensure that every garment you purchase is in the best condition possible. It is residue free, scent-free and uses no harsh chemicals, yet it gently restores the loft and efficiency to synthetic and down insulation and restores bounce and performance on even high-performance fabrics. This product works with both conventional and automatic washer/drying cycles, including drier types.

With the fiber structure of Atsko technology, it works to ensure maximum performance from both the fibers and the outer layer of the fabric. With Atsko you are getting top quality fibers that are light weight, yet extremely strong and durable. Atsko also provides fabrics that are stain resistant, moisture repellent and easily cleaned and cared for while still maintaining their original color. In addition, Atsko garments maintain their shape and size where other brands may begin to loosen and sag.

When the fibers are washed, Atsko uses specially formulated detergents to clean and rinse them to ensure that you are getting the most out of each and every fiber. The best part about Atsko's detergents is that it is an economical, biodegradable option that does not contain any formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds. For your convenience, all cleaning products are dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly. The fabrics are treated using a proprietary UV inhibitor and are dying to maintain color brightness throughout the lifetime of the garment.

When the time comes to dry, the fabrics are either tumble dried at our factory or hand brushed to achieve the best results. Each garment is individually hand brushed to ensure that we provide the smoothest finish available. To enhance the softness of the fabric, a special sport-wash finishing process is used. The final product is fade resistant, bright, wrinkle free and stain repellent.

All of these factors contribute to providing customers with the highest quality, most vibrant clothing available. Atsko also offers a full line of sport-wear that includes polos, sweatshirts, hooded towels, shorts and more for men and women. Each item in the Atsko line is stain resistant, hypo-allergenic, and easy to care for and maintain. Our fabrics undergo multiple quality control processes to ensure that the products are always of the highest quality.

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